stacking cats.
I met your daughter the other day, that was weird
she had rhinoceros shaped earrings in her ears
but, hey man have a sodaaa, it’s on the house
Shuggie by Foxygen

The Throw by Jagwar Ma

If 2013 is going to sound like this…
Got to catch them with Amateur Best at Bungalows and Bears, Sheffield soon. Gonna be dancin and jammin and party-timin all over the shop.

In Our Time by Hookworms

very much enjoying a different sound from Hookworms compared to their self-titled EP, and can’t wait to get my ears around the rest of ‘Pearl Mystic’.

Nightbeats by Cowtown


stackingcats hot fact:

in Italian, there is a word for a summer hit song that is played everywhere you go - 'tormentone'

someway, baby, it’s part of me, apart from me
you’re laying waste to Halloween
you fucked it friend
it’s on it’s head
it struck the street
you’re in Milwaukee
off your feet

The Boredom Rose by Grass House

ah them lovely men.

Breakers by Local Natives

Something to ease you into their anticipated second album I suppose - it definitely isn’t an impact track like that of the new Foals release. But hey, that’s what I like about Natives; how easy on the ear their songs are, their lush and harmonious vocals, little plinky chords that stick in your head… 
A great first glimpse into the new stuff, which I hope is only a subtle progression from Gorilla Manor, perhaps with a few nice surprises thrown in. It’ll take a bit to knock ‘Sun Hands’ off the top spot for me however. Do go look at the video for ‘Breakers’ though. The very uncomfortable barrel rolling down a flight of stairs  against the soothing hush of Taylor, Kelcey and crew is an interesting one.